AHFS is the sponsoring organization of Cleveland’s Hungarian scout troops.

The American Hungarian Friends of Scouting is an official non-profit 501(c)(3) organization chartered in the state of Ohio. All donations to the AHFS are tax deductible.

With your help the AHFS, as the sponsoring organization of the Cleveland Hungarian scout troops, can continue to help fund the many operating expenses incurred by the troops.

The American Hungarian Friends of Scouting (#52064) is approved to receive donor designations through United Way campaigns.


The AHFS officers

Michael Horvath, President
Louis Szigeti, Vice-President
Andrea Fricke-Tabor, Treasurer
Irene Slattery, Secretary
Tas Nadas, Secretary
Marta Fordos, Auditor
Judith Gyorky, Auditor
Ferenc Jasper, Recorder
Steven Graber Jr., Property Mgr.

Balazs Bedy, Honorary President
Elizabeth Balassy, Scout Ball Chairperson
Anna Maria Gyorky, Scout Banquet Coordinator
Joseph Gyorky, Scout Center Director
Janos Szigeti, Scout Park Director
Julianna Gulden, Newsletter Editor


Histories about Hungarian scouting


The first Hungarian scout patrol in North America, the Tiger Patrol in Cleveland, Ohio.


A brief history of Hungarian scouting worldwide and in Cleveland

Hungarian Scouts of Cleveland, Ohio

A magyar cserkészet alakulása Clevelandban

Information about the Hungarian Scout Folk Ensemble

Clevelandi magyar cserkész emlékeim – Thurner Klára

Cleveland scoutmasters, troopleaders and district commissioners

Cleveland folk ensemble leaders, AHFS presidents, Teleki award recipients

Az első észak amerikai magyar cserkész őrsnek, a Tigris Örsnek, az őrsi zászlója.


A 12. sz. II. Rákóczi Ferenc cscs., első őrsének, a Tigris Őrsnek, az őrsi zászlója, Cleveland, Ohio.


Ez a lap olvasható / Also available in: Magyarul