Cleveland’s Hungarian scouts participated in many areas of the St. Stephen’s Day Hungarian Festival held at St. Emeric Church on Saturday, August 8, 2018. For instance, the girls of Troop 34 prepared crepes for sale, the adult women scout leaders of Troop 33, along with scout leaders from other troops were making elephant ears (lángos), the men of Troop 22 sold ice cream and Hungarian themed souvenirs, and the boys of Troop 14 poured the drinks and kept the church grounds clean and in order.

Performances by the Cleveland Hungarian Scout Folk Ensemble in many different folk costumes entertained the crowd. The next day, on Sunday, August 19, 2018, the scouts and the ensemble were present to greet Cleveland Diocese Bishop Nelson Perez at the St. Stephen Day Mass at St. Emeric Church.

On the links below pictures can be viewed of the Folk Ensemble’s performances, the blessing of the new bread, singing sensation Attila László, 2011 winner of Hungary’s “A Star is Born” television show, and principal celebrant Bishop Perez at the Mass.

Pictures of the festival.           Pictures of the Mass.