The last major program in the past year for the American Hungarian Friends of Scouting was the Scout Banquet. Since last February, many programs were cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic, including the Scout Ball which became a Silent Ball and the Hungarian Festival which left a large gap in our events and in our hearts.

The Hungarian Scout Banquet was successfully organized as a take-out event on February 28, 2021. The logistics for the event were a major challenge as each menu item, soup, salad, main course, and dessert had to be portioned and separately packaged. Yet, more than 300 meals were prepared for take-out and delivery. Because of health safety concerns and kitchen capacity limitations the number of meals served had to be limited.

The distribution of the meals were performed in a number of ways. Guests could come down to the St. Emeric Church Hall after Sunday’s Mass to personally pick-up their packages. Guests also had the option to drive up to the Church yard where scouts were at the ready with their meals to be placed in the back seat or trunk of their car. The third option was home delivery where two scouts in each of three cars, known as the “Scout Patrol”, delivered meals to Cleveland’s every region within the county. The meal distribution occurred easily and fluidly without any problems.

Traditionally, new scout leaders and award recipients are presented at the Scout Banquet, but this of course did not occur this year but will again next year. The organizers of the AHFS are very pleased with the success of this year’s Scout Banquet and thank all those who supported the organization with their participation. All proceeds will be used for programs and activities of the Hungarian scouts in Cleveland.

Our next program would be the Hungarian Scout Ball on Saturday, May 22. In the weeks ahead we will see if the pandemic will allow the Ball to take place in person or as a virtual event as a Silent Ball. Hopefully, towards the end of summer it will not be a question as to the Hungarian Festival sponsored by the AHFS take place on Labor Day weekend Sunday, September 5th.

Sophia Dorgay – Bocskai Radio (translated by MH)

Pictures from the 2021 Hungarian Scout Banquet can be seen here.

Mike Horvath, the president of the American Hungarian Friends of Scouting gives an account, in Hungarian, of organizing a Scout Banquet during a pandemic. While this year’s event was most successful, he hopes not to have to repeat it as a take-out event again next year. Tibor Baki is the interviewer in this report with many video clips of the event.

Video of the 2021 Hungarian Scout Banquet can be viewed here.